1. Full Port Agency

  • Pre-arrival preparation
  • Customs entry and clearance of vessels and cargoes
  • Port call funding
  • Ordering of pilotage and towage services for docking and sailing vessel movements
  • Keeping concerned parties fully updated regarding prospects and vessels port stay
  • Monitoring / coordinating port operations and cargo handling
  • Arranging suitable contractors & specialists for vessel repairs, surveys, spares, ship stores and nautical charts…
  • Arranging / coordinating bunkering, fresh water & waste removal services
  • Arranging storage facilities
  • Attending / representing principal at the port of call
  • Detailed, accurate and timely production of Proforma and final disbursement accounts
  • Post departure: documentation and settlement of final disbursement accounts for services rendered

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2. Customs Clearance

The basic element and one of the core need for every shipment is customs clearance. Every consignment has to go through this process and an experienced team is required for this procedure. Victoir Agency having an experienced team at all the customs points in Lebanon. We offer a broad range of services to ensure uniform, consistent and compliant trade activities and supporting your freight in avoiding delays, fines and penalties. We provide services from shipment pick up to rebate claim, including: documentation preparation for both import & export shipments.

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3. Crew Change

Victoir import export will take care of all immigration formalities prior to crew members arrival / departure, all letters of guarantee’s and pass to boards are issued in a timely manner. Victoir our shipping agency in Lebanon issues letters of guarantee rather than applying for visas. Accommodation will always be arranged as per owner’s / managers instructions. All taxis in Lebanon are vetted prior to use for crew’s displacements.


4. Husbandry Agency

  • Sanitation Certificate
  • Medical Chest Certificate
  • Coordinate store / spare deliveries
  • Full crew change management: Flights, airport transfers and accommodation
  • Medical assistance and repatriations along with all immigration formalities
  • Secure cash to Master delivery
  • All kind of arrangements and supplies (lube oil, chemicals, paints, etc…)
  • Class and statutory surveys / certification
  • Mail and courier services
  • Ship spares delivery
  • Dry-docking, repairs and technical assistance
  • Inspection and consultancy services

5. Protective Agency

  • Monitoring of operations
  • Control of expenses
  • Appointment of surveyors
  • Disbursement of funds
  • Conflict resolution
  • And much more…

6. Sub-Agency

  • Provide back office tasks to other shipping agencies
  • Inward / outward clearance
  • Vessels Attendance
  • Cash to Master hand over
  • And much more…

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